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Tuesday, 2020-10-27

Tor zum Leben e.V.

Who we are

As representation and because of financing of the institution "LIFEGATE Rehabilitation", the association "Tor zum Leben - LIFEGATE Rehabilitation e.V. was founded in the year 1993 in Germany with its board in Würzburg. In 1994 the association was acknowledged from the revenue office as nonprofit and serving exclusively mild-transact purposes (after §§51 ff of the depositing-order). In 1995, the association of the Federal-office for the civilian service in Cologne, as supplier for the “Other Service in foreign countries " (after §14b ZDG). 1997, Tor zum Leben e.V. was admissed into the "Diakonisches Werk Bavaria", an office in the Andreas-Grieser-Strasse 77 in Würzburg. The association-executive are in the moment Michael Müller (Freiburg), Volker Metz (Wössingen) and Diane Walcher (Ulm), the advisors, appointed until now, became Hans Schöbel, director of the "Center for Sisabled Würzburg-Heuchelhof" (Zentrums für Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderte Würzburg-Heuchelhof), and Musa Al Munaizel, lecturer at the university Würzburg, school special-pedagogy. Active members of the association are, almost exclusively former volunteers from LIFEGATE Rehabilitation in Beit Jala, who work voluntary. Tor zum Leben e.V. cooperates in Germany with recognized social establishments.