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Sunday, 2020-11-29

Professional Rehabilitation

In the education-workshop, Palestinian specialists work together with German craftspersons. We offer an education in following fields:

  • Taylor shop
  • Traditional Palestinian embroidery
  • Mechanical knit
  • Carpentry
  • Leather-manufacturing
  • Shoe-repair-shop
  • Mechanic Workshop

The teenagers normally go back to their home towns after their stay with LIFEGATE, live in their families and work in the locality. Therefore, we adjust time and main focuses of the education to the individual disabled and the work-situation in his home town. We already clarify the labour market-situation in advance and fix then the education-goal with the teenagers. The disabled should be capable after their education, to fill a fulljob to earn the living with their work and to support their families. With the job-search, we work together with the family. Also after the education we take regularly care for the teenagers: the fieldworkers are conversation-partners for worries and problems.