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Sunday, 2020-11-29

Early Intervention

Children with disabilities in their development and perception need help at a very early stage in life. The Early Childhood Development Center (kindergarten) serves 34 places at 5 classrooms for children aged 3 to 6. Two teachers are responsible for each classroom. Where the teachers also work with the children individually, taking into consideration the individual level of development. The basic activities of daily living the teachers and therapists try to achieve are bathing and showering, toilet hygiene, dressing and undressing, self-feeding and personal hygiene. The aim is to help the child with disability to be more self-independent and to facilitate his daily activities. Furthermore, concentrating oneducational aspects such as: assorting colors, differentiating between shapes, matching between pictures, recognizing the animal and their voices, and recognizing their names and writing them. Of course, taking in consideration the importance of behavioral modification in the frame of the classroom.

Our objectives in this part of our work are:

1. To train disabled children and their families in the activities of daily Living.

2. To provide basic education for children in class room settings including the option of inclusion to regular schools.

3. To establish with one or two main stream schools in Bethlehem a lasting relationship of
activities for including the disabled children in the local community.