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Tuesday, 2020-10-27

LIFEGATE opens a door to a better life

for physically & mentaly disabled children and youths
in Beit Jala near Bethlehem (West Bank)

Young people on the West Bank who have physical and/or mental disabilities live on the edge of society. Publically-funded development measures and educational programs that would provide them an opportunity to lead a self-determined life are practically non-existent.
There is neither a statutory social security system nor special financial support for disabled people. LIFEGATE is tackling this challenge with a team of Palestinian and German staff members.
Our hope and our love of all mankind, which is based on the Christian faith and touches every area of our work, provide the foundation for our work. At LIFEGATE, people with disabilities are taken in and accepted. We help them develop a healthy sense of self-worth and trust – keys to motivation for our learning program and their whole life.

LIFEGATE in Beit Jala is the very heart of a ramified rehabilitation network all over the westbank that ranges from Ramallah in the north to Hebron in the south. The LIFEGATE Center comprises an professional-training-, production-, and service-workshop, the medical rehabilitation and teh administration. LIFEGATE provides education-places up to thirty disabled young people. Arabic and German specialists cover the following working areas at LIFEGATE: