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Monday, 2020-11-30
Alois-Eckert-Workshop in Gerlachsheim
Entrance to the Lifegate-Workshop in Beit Jala
Lifegate-Supporters in Würzburg



Albert-Einstein-Str. 25 g
97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
tel.: +49-9341-8463720 mobil: +49-151-55027777 fax.: +49-9341-8463722 www:

Lifegate Rehabilitation

Post-Office Box (P.O. Box) 177
Beit Jala Israel – Westbank
tel.: +972-2-2741373 fax.: +972-2-2741065 www:

Lifegate Rehabilitation – Registered Association

Gertrud-von-le-Fort-Str. 68
97074 Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
tel.: +49-931-58069 fax.: +49-931-58019 www:

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